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Used in solid industrial waste roasting


1 、 S48% 硫化铁矿(硫铁矿、黄铁矿) 指标:S:48%min FE:42%min SIO 2 :3.0%max PB:0.1%max ZN:0.1%max AS:0.10%max C:0.3%max CU:0.2%max. 规格:(0-5)mm/(0-10)mm或其它粒度 包装:1000KG/BAG或其他包装 2 、...

Product introduction

PYRITE——Used in solid industrial waste roasting 
The high-grade pyrite used in sulfur acidification roasting for solid industrial waste, can help recycle non-ferrous metals in the waste and increase the iron content, furthermore, the slag can be used  as the raw materials in iron making.